What Is the Science Behind Biomagnetism?

Benefits of Bio-magnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism is a natural magnetic field that surrounds and permeates all living organisms. All humans function by this invisible biomagnetic field. 

Biomagnetism is a therapeutic process to treat and maintain health and wellness. This process gives an alternative to traditional medicine and even magnetic Therapy. Biomagnetic Therapy is practiced to help keep the body’s natural pH balance.

Biomagnetism stimulates the body’s natural immune system, stabilizes the human body’s response to inflammation, increases circulation, and many more. Many believe that pH imbalances contribute to different health conditions. Therefore, restoring the levels to typical will let the body fight against illness.

With the new and increased natural defense, our bodies can fight. Infections, viruses, and bacteria can all be fought off to keep us fit and healthy. At the same time, biomagnetism is a slower application and doesn’t claim to cure. Instead, it encourages our body’s natural defense to rebalance. It is vital to note that some people cannot have biomagnetic Therapy

To understand the human magnetic field and how the human body relates with and responds to magnetic fields, we should appreciate how much our bodies have electromagnetic. The body’s internal magnetic fields are produced by the extraordinary amount of internal electrical actions that keep the body alive. These bio-magnetic fields interact with all the other magnetic fields on the planet and control introductory chemistry. 

This subtle energy body or aura comprises multiple layers and relates to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. It varies with our state of physical and psychological well-being.
The aura has many different layers. The first four layers consist of the vital or etheric field (which lies closest to the physical body), the emotional, mental, and intuitive or spiritual areas.
The aura can be demonstrated with special imaging techniques such as Kirlian photography, as in photographing a person’s hands. Some individuals can visualize the atmosphere.

For centuries, ancient cultures instinctively knew of this life force energy. The Chinese call it Qi or chi (pronounced “chee”), the Japanese call it ki, and in India, it is known as prana. Science has only more recently recognized its existence.
Chi (energy) must flow freely throughout the body for optimal health. Dis-ease occurs when imbalances or blockages are present. Energetic blockages or imbalances can result from physical causes such as inadequate nutrition, drugs, or injury and mental and emotional causes such as shock, grief, or negative thinking.


External Energy fields can affect your biofield positively or negatively. The Earth’s magnetic field is essential for life on Earth and for us to obtain and maintain optimal health.
Scientists have found that the Earth’s magnetism has decreased tenfold over the last 4000 years, and spending much of our time in metal vehicles and buildings can lead to magnetic field deficiency. 

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by high power lines and all electronics emit electromagnetic radiation associated with cancer and other health issues.
A static magnetic field, such as that of magnets, offers positive health benefits. It can counter the adverse effects of EMFs and supplement our bodies with the magnetism it requires.


The following holistic therapies have been used for millennia to restore the normal flow of energy (chi, ki, prana), to balance the body’s biomagnetism, and to facilitate the body’s innate ability to self-heal.

Magnetic Therapy: This is a holistic therapy most commonly known for its capacity to alleviate pain. Anyhow, this natural Therapy gives numerous other health benefits. 

Crystal Therapy: This is a holistic therapy that alleviates common illnesses, from minor aches and pains to significant health issues and imbalances.

Aromatherapy: This will balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. This holistic Therapy searches for unifying physiological, psychological, and spiritual processes to improve an individual’s innate healing process.

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